The Healthy Whey to Indulge

Mi Whey is the perfect guilt free snack for anyone who loves ice cream.
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Mi Whey has combined forces with renowned Italian gelato manufacturer to create its own recipe and now conveniently offers a new protein ice cream powder mix. It’s the ultimate nutritional dessert snack. Our unique recipe prevents ice crystals from forming making our protein ice cream powder mix smooth and creamy with an amazing taste and texture.

It’s fast becoming the preferred ice cream choice for all looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Mi Whey Ice Cream Developed For The Healthy Conscious In Search Of The Ultimate Snack

Mi Whey is lab tested bringing you guaranteed 100% quality.
We are proud of the ingredients we use.
It’s packed with high protein
No Sugar Added
Low Fat
Low GI
All 9 Essential Amino Acids

INGREDIENTS: Whey protein concentrate, sweetener : isomalt, coconut fat, BCAA, fibre, pure coco powder, chocolate, stabilizer: xanthan gum, glucose syrup, dipotassium phosphate, flavouring. May contain traces of egg or nuts. Excessive consumption may induce laxative effect. To maintain product integrity store in a cool dry place below 26˚C

Mixing Instructions
1 Pour 300ml milk into a bowl and add 200g of the Mi Whey Ice Cream powder mix.
2 Using a blender mix for 2 to 3 minutes until mixture expands in volume.
3 Let the mixture rest for 1 minute.
4 Continue mixing for further 1 minute.
5 Pour the expanded mixture into suitable containers.
6 Place in freezer for approx 5 hours.
For best results use full cream milk.
Note: To maintain the nutritional quality and integrity of Mi Whey Ice Cream, sugar and anti-freeze agents have NOT been added. As a result it may be quite hard once frozen so allow to stand for a few minutes to thaw slightly and soften.

Mi Whey…the healthy whey !
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